1.   Nucleus Education reserves the sole right to admission, scholarship scheme, methodology and process of teaching, change in classes/batch/test schedule, removal or change in class venue/test centre and time to time alternation of rules and regulations.

2.  Nucleus Education reserves all rights for its' course material. It can not be copied, redistributed or sold without permission of Nucleus Education under any condition. Anyone found indulging in such activities will be sole responsible for its legal consequences whatsoever.

3.  Nucleus Education does not authorise any person/employee/lecture to accept fee in cash.

4.  Although Nucleus Education does not have any hostel/mess facility, however large number of hostel/mess are available in the vicinity of Nucleus Education. Student has to make his/her own arrangements as per the choice & need.

5.  Institute gives high priority to discipline & have strict norms to maintain the discipline. Students are not allowed in campus without identity Card in any case. Misconduct, using of mobile phones in campus or any sort of damage to Institute's/Test Center's property will result into serious action against guilty (including permanent rustication from the institute without refund of fee).

6.  If a student remains absent from Class/Test, Institute may take disciplinary action against such student.

7.  Any type of anti social activity, misuse of mobile phones and misuse of internet by students even outside the institute will also be the reason of rustication from the institute.

8.  Before finalize the admission at Nucleus student & parents himself has to ensure the basic eligibility (such as age, qualification, domicile, no. of attempt, physical fitness etc.) for the target Competitive Examinations. Nucleus Education can not be held responsible for any such mistakes.

9.  In the event of furnishing any wrong information/declaration in the Application Form the admission can be cancelled at any stage during the session.

10.  Decision of Nucleus Education shall be final and binding for any other point not covered in this Information Bulletin/Course Booklet/Profile.

11.  The medium of instruction is English only.

12.  Student / Parents shall be responsible for their belongings (i.e. vehicle, bag, mobile & helmet etc.) and Institute shall not take any responsibility of the same.

All legal matters subjected to Kota (Rajasthan) Jurisdiction only.