Our vision is to provide the best teaching environment so the students can become successful and serve the boon companions to raise a better world. We are a group of faculties working in a threefold, aimed not only to benefit students, faculties, and industries, but also the community on a local, national and international level. We promote student's scientific speculations and actions to meet the dynamic challenges of the Nation. We believe in student's hard work and teacher’s persistency in the classroom which ensures that the aspirants attain their desired ambition i.e. cracking IIT-JEE.


The mission of our institute is to impart advanced and updated knowledge to educate the students preparing for IIT-JEE (Mains and Advanced). Nucleus Education focuses on imparting quality education that transforms the students through meticulous coursework and to provide an understanding of the obligations towards the society. The Institute is committed to excellence in all spheres of its activities through its internal and external analysis; we work towards continuous improvement of the aspirants. Our team steadily aims at enhancing the student's experience in the educational areas and his inbuilt talent.

“ अप्राप्यं नाम नेहास्ति धीरस्य व्यवसासिनः ”

To become a luminary it's not only the inflection, students must endeavour talent and determination. We always look for an enthusiastic perspective of a student for having an insatiable desire for success to improve the life of every young personality preparing for IIT-JEE in Kota. All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.
We provide students with the best guidance to ensure integrity, excellence, transparency and empathy to advance the frontier of knowledge. Core values: We aim to become an extraordinary allusion as quality education provider having prominent and systematic teaching mechanism with passion for leadership in the field of IIT-JEE aligned perfectly with the modern education needs. Together with our faculty members, we strive to become a leader in mentoring learners for a successful tomorrow. Through the innovative amalgamation of teaching, learning, research and development, Nucleus Education is heading its way towards creating a unique learning environment where social, creative and intellectual skills are acuminated to perfection.