Available Scholarships

Eligibility Code [%]#
For any State board (X) [Top 10 Merit Students] TS01 50%
For any State (XIII) [Top 10 Merit Students] TS02 50%
For JEE ( Mains ) 2018 Qualified students ( AIR 5000 To 60000) TS08 17%-78%
For JEE ( Advanced ) 2018 Qualified Student ( AIR 3000 To 36000 ) TS07 20%-90%

Documents Required Code [%]#
For NTSE 1st Stage qualified Students (NCERT) For Nurture,Enthuse & Leader Course TS14 15%
For NTSE 2nd Stage qualified Students (NCERT) For Nurture,Enthuse & Leader Course TS15 35%
For HBCSE Olympaid 1st round qualified students TS16 25%
For HBCSE Olympaid 2nd round Qualified students TS17 75%
For HBCSE Olympaid OCSE Qualified students & Medalist TS35 90%
For KVPY Written Examination Qualified TS18 25%
For KVPY Scholarship Qualified TS19 50%
Any two or more siblings (Real Brother/Sister) studying in our institute (Same Session) TS24 10%


  • 1. Prescribed SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION FORM is available on demand at our corporate Office.
  • 2. To avail the scholarship students have to produce the required documents as mentioned below along with the scholarship application form.
  • 3. Last date to submit scholarship Application Form is 30/09/2018. [No application for scholarship, thereafter shall be accepted in any case.
  • 4. Student whose X or XII Board Result is awaited at the time of Admission can also apply for the scholarship at later stage ( before the last date ) with the below mentioned documents, if eligible.
  • 5. Disbursement of scholarship will be credited in the (Father/Mother/Student) bank account in August 2018 or 1 Month from the date of Application ( whichever is later ) through NEFT/RTGS/CHEQUE only. For this, the student has to submit a cancelled cheque or copy of the first page of bank passbook along with the scholarship form.
  • 6. For NURTURE Course Student, the scholarship will be provided only in FIRST Academic Session.
  • 7.Scholarship for Sibling (TS24) will be available only for one candidate ( real brother/sister ).
  • 8. Scholarships TS01, TS02 are applicable for Board Result in current Session (2018) only.
  • 9. A student is eligible for only one scholarship at a time. No two criteria can be clubbed together to avail the deduction in fee.

  • Documents Required

    Scholarship Code Documents Required
    TS01, TS02 Original Marksheet of X/XII (Session 2018 Only) along with photo copy & Board Certificates.
    TS14, TS15 Lettter of Acceptance by Certificates issued by NTSE.
    TS07 Photocopy of JEE (Advanced) 2018 Admit Card along with Original Admit Card for verification. Printout of JEE (Advanced ) 2018 Result published on webside
    TS08 Photocopy of JEE (Main) 2018 Admit Card along with Original Admit Card for Verification
    TS16, TS17, TS18, TS19, TS35 -
    TS24 Aadhar Card Photocopy of both the Students