Nucleus Education is one of the peerless educational institutions, acclaimed for its quality education. It is avowed to every student, teacher and city related to academics and results. Our students feel valiant to share with the world that they have acquired their erudition and adroitness from Nucleus Education.

Nucleus education is an extolled, result oriented coaching institute in Kota, Rajasthan. It renders preparation classes for IIT-JEE examinations. We proffer a meritorious learning platform for IIT aspirants by top-notch intellect, proficient and highly experienced faculties to provide autonomous education. The highly conducive & competitive atmosphere of the institute acredits that each little doubt gets resolved.


Our Directors

Mr. Akhilesh Kanther, a Co-founder, Director is the best faculty of Physical Chemistry in India. He is an alumni of IIT-BHU. His organized teaching methodology makes students to understand the complexities of physical chemistry. His decent and sober behavior “which also reflects in his teaching”, attracts students. He had taught Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2014) and Govind Lahoti (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2014).

Mr. Surendra Kumar Mishra, a Co-founder, Director extensively known as SKM Sir is a quintessence in the field of Organic Chemistry. He is also the author of the book 'Problems and Solution of Organic Chemistry' for IIT mains and advanced. While teaching organic chemistry, he usually uses the unconventional way of teaching i.e 'Direct Instruction' along with visual media, chemdraw and molymod. Driven by his fascination for the subject and teaching, he makes his teachings interesting which leave the students mesmerised. He sermonize his students to chase their dreams without compromising, which paved way for Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2014) and Govind Lahoti (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2014) to secure positions in IIT- JEE examination.

Mr. Vishal Joshi, a Cofounder, Director known as wizard of Inorganic Chemistry and the author of "Problems and Solutions in Inorganic Chemistry" for JEE (Mains & Advanced) is a master teacher who fathom the challenges faced by those who prepare for the IIT-JEE entrance examination and has customized fundamentals of inorganic chemistry in his book to meet students' requirements. Students address him "THE GOD OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY". He is known as Motivational Guru and the mentor of Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2014), Govind Lahoti (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2014) & IChO toppers Kshitiz Garg - Gold Medalist , Sharvik Mittal – Silver Medalist & Kushal Badel – Bronze Medalist.

Mr. Amar Nath Anand, a graduate from IIT Delhi is a Co-founder, Director who conveys the beauty and the “infectious enthusiasm” for the subject through his magnetic persona. Very few math teachers can be that charismatic. He believes that it is possible to show students the wonder of extracting a simple answer from a seemingly difficult question. He is the writer of the two books, one is 'Thomas Calculus' which is a benchmark book in calculus, and other is 'Problem and Solution in Algebra' for IIT-JEE which is a collection of a large number of congenial problems which help students in clearing JEE and various Olympiads. He had taught Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2014) and Govind Lahoti (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2014).

Mr. Amit Gupta, a graduate from IIT Delhi, a Co-founder, Director created a revolutionary new methodology for Physics learning. He has designed content of physics for BANSAL classes, and later on for ALLEN also as the senior most faculty who created overall curriculum of IIT-JEE preparation. He is the co-author of Resnick Halliday, the world renowned text book of physics for last 80 years. The book has been modified for the requirements of IIT-JEE. He added many new Chapters, reworked and supplemented all the worked out examples according to the need of the students. He had taught Chitrang Murdia (AIR-1, IIT-JEE 2014) and Govind Lahoti (AIR-3, IIT-JEE 2014). Two of his students have scored full marks in IIT-JEE ADVANCED. Chitrang Murdia (2014), Shubham Tulsani (2009) and Pulkit Jadon (2012) have represented India in Physics Olympiad.